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Jordan Davis - Made That Way (Official Audio) |WORK|

Late night TV hosted two country artists last night! Jordan Davis made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live ahead of the release of his new album Bluebird Days that will be available tonight at midnight. Nate Smith was the musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and sang his #1 debut single "Whiskey On You", which of course he will be singing at our SOLD OUT charity concert at the Dusty Armadillo on March, 23rd! (THANK YOU!!)

Jordan Davis - Made That Way (Official Audio)


It requires curiosity, creativity, and collaboration to drive the real conversations and culture that help people feel less alone. And it takes relentless drive and innovation to redefine the future of audio with our events, podcasts, and app.

Jordan Davis started four games down the stretch last season and made his presence known during last Saturday night's 30-6 opening victory at Vanderbilt. The 6-foot-6, 320-pound defensive tackle from Charlotte, North Carolina, had a 4-yard tackle for loss, nearly blocked a field goal and anchored a front that limited the Commodores to 116 rushing yards and 225 total yards.

Cody was a 2022 nominee for the Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards New Artist of the Year and winner of the 2022 RMCMA Fan Army Award . This is a regional award show displaying some of country musics best in a nine state region. From new artists to seasoned veterans that have made a national name, Cody is on his way to do the same.

In an audio obtained by TMZ and posted on its web site, the person said it bothers him that she posted photos of herself with black people on her Instagram account. After a recent Clippers game, the woman took a picture with Johnson.

MOULDS: And the issue was who is going to hire the Fellow's Director? And I remember sitting for about two hours with -- I think there were four of us in the room going back and forth and back and forth and I knew on the university side that the faculty would not tolerate decisions being made on a faculty appointment by the legislature. And that was the bottom line and I guess Maeley finally understood that that was the bottom line and we got it our way, but she's one tough negotiator.

GERTH: In '84, yes. This is what the University of California does. And he pushed pretty hard. He was not -- he was very close to the administration of the university in the '60s, but by '84, he was not. He was a faculty member in the political science department at Berkeley, and so on. I think the thing that we had going for is that the faculty and the political science department at UC Davis had zero interest in this and they just didn't care. It happened, I knew two faculty members there well, one of them very well, because they had been in the Doctoral Program of Chicago a little ahead of me. And we all got to know each other in the department. I remember the whole University of Chicago in those days was 4,000 students and the department student population was probably 120 or something like that. So, we all know each other, and they made it very clear. I called one of them -- they made it very clear they had zero interest. They were doing other things in that department and so, we got no traction at all within the University. I was concerned about it for a time because the University of California could be a formidable opponent on occasion, and they had a strong president at that time. A good president who I happened to know for other reasons way back before he was -- became President of UC. But it all panned out, and that's the important point.

HOENIG-COUCH: Roy Greenaway yes, it was wonderful. He came from DC. And it really drew -- I think in many ways defined, you know, a lot of the real integrity and energy of the Center. And Don, I think Jeff's early -- he made a case for this in that 1988 letter to the Chancellor, when we were in the little government office.

And it will become available and end up with our good friend James Fox in the University's Archives. I want to thank-- at the end of this first session-- I'd like to thank all of you in the technology, the Creative Services area, I really think you've been enormously helpful, as James has been and Sally Hitchcock, who I think it's not here in the room right now, making this whole thing work, and I thank all of you. This has been a fascinating conversation. I hope it's translated soon, because one of the things that's happening now in the life of the University, which I watch from a distance but with an interest just like all of you have an interest, is the advent of what's happening downtown, and of course, the change going on in the leadership of the Center. I know that's at some stage of being underway, and so on. The Center for California Studies is an important instrument, not only of this campus. One of the things I really liked about Barry Munitz as Chancellor, in contrast perhaps with people -- particularly one individual before him-- was that he understood what this Center could be for the California State University system as a whole. And he helped us head off efforts that were being made at the Chancellor's Office to have us cease being a line item in the budget, which gave the campus too much control, and they wanted to control us and control this aspect of the University from the Chancellor's Office. Barry helped us to help to head that off in his good days as our Chancellor. I think that's it. Thank you very, very much. [Crosstalk].

Princeton continued to leave points on the board, and eventually Penn got within single digits (a Rosen foul shot with 2:38 to go) and then made it a seven-point contest (on an Eggleston steal and dunk with 2:15 to play). Princeton's Dan Mavraides hit a foul shot with 1:50 left to put the margin back at eight, 59-51, and Penn had three chances to cut into that deficit but was unsuccessful on three shots. Eventually Kareem Maddox was fouled, and he started a foul parade that finally saw the Tigers make their free throws. That put the game away. 041b061a72


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