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Gaining Steam

Independent pharmacies across Arkansas are choosing to take the fight to the Pharmacy Benefit Managers, which have worked together for years to hurt independently owned pharmacy stores.

Together, our legal team represents over 100 Arkansas independent pharmacies to force the PBMs to provide our clients routinely and frequently updated insurance reimbursement rate list (the MAC lists), and to never force any independent pharmacist to fill a prescription at a PBM insurance reimbursement rate lower than the cost of the drug to the pharmacy. In the end, PBMs should never be able to threaten family-owned pharmacies or the care they provide to their customers.

If you own an independent pharmacy in Arkansas, please consider joining out client team. There is certainly power in numbers. Fill out the form on our homepage.

If you have a pharmacy in another state, please fill out the form on our home page because we may also be able to help you.

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