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Scientists disagreed. Some saw the data as flawed but still valuable. Some flatly insisted no good science could come from such evil doings. Some objected to the data for more practical reasons--for example, they felt the prisoners were too ill and emaciated to yield accurate readings.

The Good Nazi

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Pozos did not know who was right, but wanted to find out. He wanted to look at the quality of the data, the quality of the scientists. He wanted to critique the experiments. What if some parts of the data were good, some lousy? Should we use the good parts? Or should we use none, no matter what?

Then Caplan started to think. Could you transfer horror into something good? Could you redeem good from evil? Yes, Caplan felt, yes you could. That was what organ transplants were all about--from death, a heart or kidney saves a life.

The speed and ferocity and certainty of all these opinions were understandable. The issues involved, after all, were so elemental and raw--redemption and brutal horror, life and death, good and evil. All the same, for anyone looking at this affair from a distance, the response still had to seem puzzling.

Jojo Rabbit may not be the spark that will ignite a nuanced discussion of the Nazi party and its officers. But nothing exists in a vacuum. As truth becomes harder to discern and social media amplifies voices of hate, how long before we start listening to pundits and historians argue that not all Nazis should be defined just by their party affiliation? How long before we start hearing that genocide is complicated and that these murderers also did good in the world, raising families and giving charity? How long before we start hearing that these kind-hearted souls were just following orders? How long before we start hearing that there were very fine people on both sides?

A plan by China to honour "the good Nazi'', a German who helped to save hundreds of thousands of civilians from Japanese troops, has reopened a dispute with Tokyo over its lack of atonement for the Second World War. The Chinese authorities are drawing up plans for a museum dedicated to the memory of John Rabe, who defied the "Rape of Nanking'' - a six-week massacre during which an estimated 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered by Japanese soldiers.

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