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Buy Andy Warhol

The store is open during museum hours and accessible without museum admission. It offers an extensive range of Warhol-inspired products including reproduction prints, T-shirts, stationery, giftware, and the most comprehensive selection of books on Warhol. Staff can be reached during museum hours at 412.237.8303 or by emailing

buy andy warhol

In 1962, Warhol created his famous Marilyn series. The Flavor Marilyns were selected from a group of fourteen canvases in the sub-series, each measuring 20" x 16". Some of the canvases were named after various candy Life Savers flavors, including Cherry Marilyn, Lemon Marilyn, and Licorice Marilyn. The others are identified by their background colors.[101]

Warhol's 1965 film Vinyl is an adaptation of Anthony Burgess' popular dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange. Others record improvised encounters between Factory regulars such as Brigid Berlin, Viva, Edie Sedgwick, Candy Darling, Holly Woodlawn, Ondine, Nico and Jackie Curtis. The underground artist Jack Smith appears in the film Camp. 041b061a72


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